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Academic Expenses

Students can encounter a multitude of unexpected costs during their time at University; expenses relating to their course can sometimes be the hardest to fund, but arguably the most important if they wish to progress academically and in their future careers. These types of expenses can vary hugely, depending on the subject and year of the student. 


Academic Travel 

Conferences are an important part of academic life, but they can be costly to attend- not only because of the fee, but the travel involved. Particularly at postgraduate level, funding for academic travel can be vital in ensuring that a student doesn't miss out on opportunities to present their work, share ideas, and meet with others in their field. 

Placement Expenses

For some subjects work experience is key. Vets, medics, and law students are some of the best examples of where placements are expected, often a requirement of the course, but this often means that they will have to afford accommodation and living expenses for the duration of the placement, alongside missing out on time to work and save for the year ahead. Alleviating some of these associated costs means that students from lower income households, who may not have the support to meet these expenses, are not barred from the subjects because of financial considerations. 

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