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Events Calendar

We are pleased to present a programme of online events that will take place over the coming months.

These will include talks and 'in conversation' events given by Selwyn Fellows and alumni on a range of subjects. 

The events will be available via the online platform, Zoom, most will be recorded and available to watch live, or at a convenient time, making them accessible to everyone, wherever in the world you are.

For further information please contact the Alumni Office at: 

For recordings of previous lectures and webinars, please click here


Wednesday 10th at 10.30am GMT
Dr Vicky Young (SE Fellow, Kawashima Lecturer in Japanese Literature and Culture)
Translating the borders of Japanese literature

Japanese literature has been experiencing something of a translation boom with several newly translated works winning international prizes, a new generation of translators, and publishers encouraged to commission more and more works. Within Japanese literary studies, this has led to excitement that translation is allowing Japanese fiction to become a global phenomenon, breaking down barriers of national language and identity. But what if some Japanese literature only really works in Japanese?
In this webinar, Vicky takes a critical look at these recent trends from the perspective of literary works that appear untranslatable, and whose global significance might therefore be overlooked. This is a joint event with Trinity Hall.

To register for this event, please contact the Alumni Office:

Panorama of London, looking WNW over the Tower of LondonFriday 12th at 6.00pm GMT
Before Google Earth:
Professor J.K.S. St Joseph and the development of Aerial Photography

Recent developments in drone technology have made aerial photography affordable and widely accessible. Prior to this however, it was a highly specialised and skilled branch of photography, developed in wartime and pioneered for academic study and research by Prof J.K.S. St Joseph (1912-1994), Selwyn Fellow and Professor of Aerial Photographic Studies at Cambridge from 1973 to 1980.

Join us for this richly illustrated presentation about St Joseph’s work and legacy, the creation of the Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photography – CUCAP. This remarkable archive of almost half a million images records coastal change, discoveries of archaeological sites and the pre-and post-industrial landscapes of Britain.

The lecture and Q&A will be hosted by Dr Jessica Gardner, University Librarian and Fellow of Selwyn College, with contributions by Professor Tom Spencer, Professor of Coastal Dynamics; Professor Martin Millett, Laurence Professor of Classical Archaeology; Dr Robert Bewley, Aerial Archaeologist; Huw Jones, Cambridge Digital Library.

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Kat ArneyFriday 26th at 6.00pm GMT
Kat Arney (SE 1995): Rebel Cell: Cancer, evolution and the science of life

Many of us think of cancer as a contemporary killer, a disease of our own making caused by our modern lifestyles. But that's not true. Although it might be rare in many species, cancer is the enemy lurking within almost every living creature. Why? Because cancer is a bug in the system of life. We get cancer because we can't not get it.

Award-winning science writer, broadcaster, and author of the new book Rebel Cell: Cancer, evolution and the science of life, Dr Kat Arney (SE 1995, CAI 1998) takes us on a journey to the dawn of life on planet earth right up to the present day to get to the heart of what cancer really is and how by better understanding its evolutionary journey we might one day overcome it.

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Further details about all of these events will be sent to all alumni and friends via our regular e-newsletters. If you have any questions, please contact the Alumni Office at:



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