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Giving from Overseas



  Giving from the US


Cambridge in America - Selwyn Alumni living in the US can donate to the College via Cambridge in America.  If you are a US taxpayer, your gift to Selwyn will be tax-deductible when made this way.  You can find out more about Cambridge in America by clicking here

Please contact Cambridge in America directly to make a donation:

Cambridge in America
1120 Avenue of the Americas, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10036

Telephone: +1 212 984 0960.  Fax: +1 212 984 0970.  Email:  Website:

Cambridge in America (UK) Ltd. (CAm (UK)) is a subsidiary charity, which allows for tax efficient giving for donors with exposure to both US and UK tax.  More information can be found about CAm (UK) here and on our FAQ page here


   Giving from Canada


Selwyn Alumni wishing to make a tax efficient donation from Canada, please contact for more information. You will be issued with a tax receipt for the donation, recognised by the Canadian Government. 


   Giving from Hong Kong

Selwyn Alumni living in Hong Kong can donate to the College via the Chapel & York HK Foundation. The Hong Kong Foundation for Charities is a HK registered charity established in 2015 to support education, social welfare and religion around the world. To find out more about Chapel & York and to donate tax-efficiently to Selwyn College, please click here.


  Giving from Europe


Selwyn College is registered with Transnational Giving Europe which can help donors make tax-efficient donations to Selwyn College from mainland Europe.  Transnational Giving Europe covers Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland.

Please visit Transnational Giving Europe's website for further details about how to donate.

Donor Recognition

Every single donation made to Selwyn College is greatly appreciated. - thank you for your support.  Please visit our recognition pages to see the difference your gift makes and how we recognise and thank donors.



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