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 The Ramsay Murray Lecture 2020

to be given by 

by Trevor Phillips OBE

 Trevor Phillips OBE

The New Normal : Diversity, Difference and Discord

The last fifty years have seen a steady march forward in the spread of individual freedom and empowerment. Decolonisation and the fall of the Soviet Union have transformed global power relations. Feminism, civil rights, the end of apartheid and the recognition of disability rights have liberated individuals at home.

One consequence of the greater prominence of individual identity characteristics – gender, race, faith, for example – is that social frictions which were previously suppressed have become far more prominent. Today people talk about “culture wars”. But until recently the frictions have seemed minor by comparison with the freedoms.

In the past few years, however, for many the increasing importance of identity politics seems to have tipped the balance dangerously. The digital revolution was already disrupting our world and driving dramatic social and economic transformation. The trauma of global epidemic will certainly accelerate those changes - and it may be now be accentuating fissures that many hoped had been healed. Is discord inevitable? And will the new normal be one of fragmentation and friction?


Date: Friday 15th May

Time: 5.30 pm

This will be a live webcast.

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