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The Harding Challenge

We’re proud that Selwyn students come from all sorts of backgrounds. We want every student to be able to participate and enjoy all facets of Cambridge life, from academic studies to sport and music to vacation travel.

The generous support offered by our alumni and friends enables the college to offer a wide range of bursaries and grants – and our aim is to ensure that no student should be disadvantaged because of lack of financial means.

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Greater impact with the Harding Challenge

For a limited time, there is an exciting, university-wide matched funding opportunity to increase the impact of donations towards any aspect of ‘student support’ at Selwyn. This includes any gift towards the choir, sport at Selwyn, bursaries, hardship or travel grants and scholarships.

Not all donations are eligible, but for those that are any donation you give for student support will release an additional donation to the college of £2.62 for every £1.00 you donate. So every £1.00 you donate will be worth £3.62 to the college. These additional funds will be used to provide many more Selwyn students with the Cambridge Bursary, which is how we help students from less affluent backgrounds.

For more information, and to learn how your donations can make a difference, see the Harding Challenge brochure.

Please contact us to confirm if your donation is eligible for these generous matched funds. Email:

To make a donation regular donation towards student support, please click here. Or for single gifts click here.

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