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Previous Archive Images of the Month

All of our previous Archive Images of the Month are now on our Flickr Page. Click here to view the entire set or, if you know the month that you are looking for, click on any of the links below. All of the photographs on Flickr are accompanied by a description and history from the Archivist.

February 2020 - Rugby Cuppers, 1967

Archive Image 88 February 2020

A photo of the rugby cuppers final in 1967 in which Selwyn played against Trinity Hall. This was the climax of the most successful season for the rugby club for several years. The final in 1967 actually resulted in two separate games as the first was a draw. A replay was required which also resulted in a draw and so the teams agreed to share the cup. We are grateful to alumnus Roger le Clercq (1964) for donating his photographs to the college in 2012 and for his help in identifying several members of the 1967 team. Anthony Stanton is nearest the ball and other members included David Norris, Derry Bancroft, Peter Price (captain), Dennis Gethin, Andy Preece and Peter Lewis.

January 2020 - Selwyn’s first women’s football team, 1993

Archive Image 87 January 2020

Alongside our continuing high academic ambitions, Selwyn is going to celebrate in 2020 the role of sport in college life – and its benefits for physical and mental health. We have therefore chosen a photo of the women’s football team from 1993 for the first archive image of this year.

December 2019 - Selwyn in the snow - Winter 2009

Archive Image 86 - December 2019

December 2019’s archive image was taken by Greg Dickens (Veterinary Medicine, 2004). Greg had some of his photographs exhibited at Corpus Christi College Chapel in the summer of 2009. He has also published a photo book of Cambridge College chapels. The image was chosen from photos submitted by students and staff to the Development and Alumni Office for one of the college calendars as well as being used as the college Christmas card for 2013.

November 2019 - Charles Phillips and Sutton Hoo, 1939

Archive Image 85 - November 2019

Our archive image for November marks the 80th anniversary of the discovery of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon ship burial and treasure from the 7th century King Redwald, and follows on from the opening of the new visitors’ centre by the National Trust at the Sutton Hoo site this summer.

October 2019 - Black History Month

Archive Image 84 - October 2019

Our archive image for October marks Black History Month and shows two distinguished African alumni who were at Selwyn in 1940. The photograph is of the Logarithms Society and it includes Robert Gardiner (middle row, 2nd from right) and Frederick Rotimi Williams (back row, 3rd from left).

September 2019 - Map of Wangaroa Harbour, 1843

Archive Image 83 September 2019

This sketch shows Wangaroa harbour (now Whangaroa) which is an inlet on the northern coast of Northland on the North Island of New Zealand. It is one of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn’s own drawings from August 1843.

August 2019 - Selwyn Cricketers, 1938

Archive Image 82 August 2019

This photograph of Selwyn cricketers was taken in 1938 at the former sports ground. It’s from an album compiled by Frank Woodward (1904-1994, SE 1923). He presented the album to the college in 1969 and it has proved useful for the history of the college as it contains some unique images of Old Court, The Master’s Lodge, former Fellows and images of the war time precautions against air raids. 

July 2019 - Selwyn Jazz Group, 1995

Archive Image 81 July 2019

Our archive image of the month of July 2019 is a photograph of the Selwyn Jazz group in 1995, donated by Olly Wedgwood (1993) who can be seen conducting.

June 2019 - Margaret Souttar Lithograph, 1961

Archive Image 80 June 2019

Margaret Souttar (1914-1987) was a Scottish painter and printmaker known for her images of townscapes. In 1961 she was commissioned by four members of the Selwyn JCR to produce a print of the college. The students were inspired by a series of modern lithographs that had been on display in the Old SCR. The print captures wonderfully the 1960s spirit of modernity and optimism. The selection of a female artist was also noteworthy, reflecting the changing attitudes of the time.

May 2019 - Alexander Michael St Leger Ramsay Murray

Archive Image 79 May 2019

The archive image for May 2019 features a photograph of a college group, probably a boat crew, seated on the garden steps and includes Alexander Michael St Leger Ramsay Murray, who can be seen in the back row on the right. We are grateful to the biographer who sent us the photograph for the archives.

April 2019 - Cherry blossom, Spring 1970

Archive Image 78 April 2019

This month’s archive image features a photograph of the magnificent cherry blossom in front of the college taken by Andy Chenhall (SE 1968) from Cripps Court, probably in the Spring of 1970.

March 2019 - Bed Race, Lent 1980

Archive Image 77 March 2019

Selwyn’s entry for the Cambridge to London bed race in the Lent term of 1980. This was one of the many student Rag fundraising events. Derek Potts (SE 1977) on the left, kindly donated this photo. 

February 2019 - Frozen Cam, 1963

Archive Image 76 February 2019

The River Cam doesn’t freeze that often but during the recent cold snap across the end of January/beginning of February 2019 it was reported that the Cam had indeed frozen in some places. Back in the winter of 1962/3 the river was frozen for some time, and we’re pleased to use a photograph of people (and a swan) skating along the frozen Cam taken by late Selwyn alum, Charles James (SE 1961) in 1963.

January 2019 - Selwyn after the First World War

Archive image 75 - January 2019

This photo of Joseph Oxer (SE 1921) in his room (probably C2) in 1921 kindly sent by his son, Harry Oxer (SE 1951), to the Archives, together with other photos and postcards of the College, shows the typical Spartan furnishings for students in the College in the early years after the war, with no central heating and a blanket for warmth as the ration of coal was so small that it was impossible to keep a fire lit all day. There was no heating in student rooms until later and baths could only be taken by filling tin baths with hot water from the nearby gyp room.

December 2018 - Snowy Selwyn 1991

Archive Image 74 December 2018

© Derek Langley 1991

We’re pleased to have acquired a snowy photo of Selwyn for the archives from Derek Langley’s Darkness and Light collection. Derek took this photo in February 1991 when the UK experienced a heavy snowfall.

November 2018 - A chance meeting, 1918

Archive Image 73 November 2018

To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, our archive image for November features the description of a chance meeting on the battlefield in 1918 by Montague Spinney (SE 1906, pictured) and Robert Close (SE 1907).

October 2018 - Celebrating 50 years at Selwyn

Archive image 72 October 2018

October's archive image of the month shows the freshers from 50 years ago: the men who arrived in 1968. We welcomed back many members of this group at a reunion in March, with alumni travelling mainly from the UK, but also from the Netherlands, Kenya, Canada and the USA.

September 2018 - Women and their work: 19th Century Selwyn Women in their own words

Archive Image 71 Sept 2018Photos (L to R):
Sarah Selwyn (1809-1907), Annie Selwyn (1855-1930) and Kathleen Lyttelton (1856-1907)

Sarah Selwyn, wife of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn after whom Selwyn College was named; Annie Selwyn, wife of John Richardson Selwyn, the college’s second Master and son of Sarah and George; and Kathleen Lyttelton, wife of the college’s first Master, Arthur Lyttelton.

August 2018 - Illustrations by Hugh Bamford Cott - Selwyn College Fellow from 1945-1967

Archive Image 70 August 2018

The distinguished former Selwyn student and Fellow Hugh Bamford Cott (SE 1922) was an eminent British zoologist, a skilled scientific photographer and a gifted artist. He is famous for his ground-breaking research on military camouflage in WW2. 

July 2018 - Choir performance of Daisy Simpkins - 1962

Archive Image 69 July 2018

A photo of the choir performing the comic cantata, ‘Daisy Simpkins’ in 1962 which was donated by David Hindley (SE 1959). The programme for the performance survives in the college archives and shows that the performers came from across Cambridge. The photo was taken by Christopher Angeloglou (SE 1959).

June 2018 - May Boat 1935 stroked by Ran Laurie

Archive Image June 2018

This archive image features the Selwyn College Boat Club crew of 1935. It was stroked by William George Ranald ‘Ran’ Mundell Laurie (SE 1933), father of Hugh Laurie (SE 1978). Ran is seated second from the left in the photo. He went on to win a gold medal in rowing at the London 1948 Olympics.

May 2018 - Leading the pack at Fenners 

Archive Image May 2018

In this photograph, Peter is leading a three mile race at Fenners with Chris Brasher (who went on to be pacemaker for Roger Bannister’s four minute mile in 1954) behind in third place.

April 2018 - Filling in the sunken lawn, 1961

Archive Image 66 April 2018

The original college lawn was a few steps down from the surround path until 1961 when it was filled with soil and made level with the perimeter path of the court.

March 2018 - Anniversary of change of status for Selwyn, March 1958

The 14th March 2018 marks 60 years since Selwyn College became a full college of Cambridge University, when it was approved by the Queen in Council.

February 2018 - Kathleen Lyttelton, a co-founder of the Cambridge Women's Suffrage Association in 1884 Archive Image February 2018

In this month, we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the extension of voting rights to (some) women. Here's a portrait of one of the great Selwyn figures involved in the suffrage movement - Kathleen Lyttelton. (Photo by kind permission of Andrew Wallis.) 

January 2018 - Frosty Views of Grange Road, Lent Term 1959

Archive Image January 2018

Photographed by John.Hughes (SE 1956) in his third year at Selwyn. John.Hughes kindly donated his album, "Cambridge days 1956-1959", to the Archives during the research for the 125th Anniversary book, Selwyn Celebrated.

December 2017 - Le Chat Noir

Archive Image December 2017

The end of the Michaelmas term is celebrated at Selwyn with the annual Snowball, a party experience which is unique in Cambridge. 

November 2017 - Rag Day 1927

Archive Image November 2017

A photograph in the college archives records an event which took place in November 1927: ninety years ago. It features three students from Selwyn who had dressed up as the Proctor and university servants for the Rag Day in aid of Earl Haig's Poppy Day appeal which was to collect funds for those disabled in WWI.

October 2017 - Welcome to Selwyn in 1950s style

Hugh Jonathan McIntyre

A recent addition to the Archives allows us to reflect on what was expected for students arriving sixty years ago. We have recently received a generous bequest from the estate of Hugh Jonathan McIntyre (SE 1952) which includes a letter congratulating him on his Latin exam. 

September 2017  - The Other Selwyn

 John Richardson Selwyn © National Portrait Gallery, London

© National Portrait Gallery, London

The Library and Archives team hosted an exhibition as part of the Open Cambridge weekend in September. This focused on John Richardson Selwyn, second Bishop of Melanesia and second Master of Selwyn College. Often obscured by the influence and achievements of his father, George Augustus Selwyn, in whose honour Selwyn College was founded, JR Selwyn led the Melanesian Mission for nearly twenty years (1873-1891). He formed intriguing collections of artefacts that testify to his interest in the peoples living in the Diocese of Melanesia. Then, and later as Master, John Richardson Selwyn suffered from ill-health; and it was his disability that led to the college tradition of taking the loyal toast seated.

August 2017 - Jonzen figures in the Chapel, 1957

Archive Image of the month August 2017

Visitors to the College Chapel are struck by the contrast with the woodwork around the walls and the bronze figures on the wall above the altar. These figures, representing the Ascension, were erected in 1957 as part of the ongoing scheme for the decoration of the Chapel since its foundation in 1893.

July 2017 - Graduation 1935

Archive Image of the Month – July 2017

One of the graduation photographs in the Archives is from 1935 and is in a scrapbook compiled by Nathaniel Gilbert Philips (SE 1932). It shows him standing outside Senate House with two friends. 

June 2017 - May Ball 'survivors' 1948

 May Ball 'survivors' 1948

The 2017 May Ball to be held at the end of June follows the tradition of College Balls first begun almost seventy years ago. Students had hoped to hold a ball in 1947 but permission was not given on the grounds of expense following the War. In the following year it was agreed to hold a ball, though considerable inventive thinking was required given the financial limitations. 

May 2017 - Student Room 1901

Archive Image May 2017 Student Room 1901

The Archives contain a personal photograph album compiled by George Will Saunders (SE 1899) which includes some images of rooms including his own and those of friends in the Spring of 1901.

April 2017 - BME Project

1921 matriculation photo

The earliest surviving matriculation photograph in the Archives which includes a student we can focus on for the BME project is from 1921. Surendra Lal Ghose (1903-1945), who can be seen standing in the third row, came to Selwyn in 1921 as a research student from the Government College, Lahore in India (now Pakistan).

March 2017 - Lent 1887

Archive Image 53 - Lent Bumps 1887

With the Lent Bumps taking place from the end of February to early March 2017, it’s satisfying to see that the earliest surviving photograph of a College Lent boat crew was from exactly 130 years ago in 1887.

 February 2017 - Haystacks 1887

February 2017 Haystacks 1887

One hundred and thirty years ago the view from what is now Cripps towards Selwyn looked like this, with haystacks in the field opposite. A section of the roof of the temporary building that remained on Old Court lawn for 50 years could also just be seen between the two ranges.

January 2017 - Snow at Selwyn 30 years ago

Old Court January 1987 - Tim Cutts (SE 1986)

Tim Cutts (SE 1986) who spent his undergraduate and postgraduate years at Selwyn has recently donated his collection of photographs of College clubs, societies and events to the Archives. They included one of a snowy scene from his time at Selwyn. 

December 2016 - Another Selwyn woman: Ruth Palmer

 Ruth Palmer

The 50th Archive Image of the Month is a photograph of Ruth Palmer who was the great granddaughter of Bishop Selwyn. Her parents, the Rev Charles Palmer and Mary Geraldine Selwyn, the daughter of Annie Catherine Mort and John Richardson Selwyn, married in December 1916. 

November 2016 - Sarah Selwyn, Mata Pihopa

The role played by women in the history of Selwyn College

 Portrait of Sarah Selwyn

Sarah Selwyn (1809-1907), wife of Bishop Selwyn, after whom the College was named. Her father was Sir John Richardson, a judge in the Court of Common Pleas and she married George Augustus Selwyn on 25 June 1839 in London. A portrait of Sarah by George Richmond as a young woman is fairly familiar to biographers of the Selwyns. 

October 2016 - Matriculation Photograph 1976

Celebrating 40 years of women at Selwyn

 SE1976 Matriculation (2)

Women who came in 1976 and successive years have all commented on the ease with which they were able to fit into Selwyn. In fact the Calendar declared that “the admission of women to the College in October 1976 took place with a smoothness which surprised us all.” 

September 2016 - Bishop Selwyn's Journal 1857

Selwyn Journal 1857 

Bishop Selwyn's journal, written during his voyage to Melanesia beween July and November 1857, is illustrated with colourful sketches of islands, dwellings and natives.

August 2016 - An Owl Arrives in Time for Breakfast

 Archive image of the month August 2016

 The Archives can reveal evidence of one rather unusual visitor: in August 1976 an owl flew into the Hall before breakfast, perched on a window and went to sleep.

July 2016 - Graduation 1911

 Archive image of the month July 2016

 Graduation 1911 - Now that the photographs of our most recent graduates are available on the Selwyn college web pages and Flickr, it is interesting to compare them to a graduation group taken outside Senate House in 1911.

June 2016 - College Barges

 College barge photos from 1900 and 1909

 College Barge. As we celebrate the opening of the new College Boathouse, it is an opportunity to reflect on the history of the College Boat Club and in this year of the 40th anniversary of the admission of women, consider the contribution made by women. It was the wife of our first master, Mary Kathleen Lyttelton (1856-1907) who actually chose the colours for the Boat Club - maroon and gold, as her favourite flower was the wallflower.

May 2016 - Early Masters' Wives

Early Masters' Wives:  Mary Kathleen Lyttelton [left] (1856-1907) and Annie Catherine Selwyn [right] (1855-1930) were the wives of the first two Masters at Selwyn, Arthur Lyttelton and John Richardson Selwyn 

April 2016 - 1930s Postcard of Selwyn College

After enjoying the lovely cherry blossom at the front of the College this month, it's interesting to look back to a view of the front of College from about 1930 as shown in a postcard of the time.  

March 2016 - June 1999 Cleo the Camel visits Selwyn

Selwyn has seen several cats over the years with the latest College “cat” ,Yo-Yo , welcomed by all and two deer were even present for a recent Snowball. But it’s not generally known that a camel once visited Selwyn. In June 1999 Cleo the Camel stood outside the entrance after completing a six-day walk from Oxford to celebrate 200 years of the Church Mission Society and to raise money for the schools founded in Kenya by Bishop Adano.  The walk was organised by Dr. Graham Kings (SE 1979), director of the Henry Martyn Centre and also Joseph Galgalo (SE 1997), a postgraduate at the time, who is now Professor of Theology at St Paul's University. The walk of 90 miles had mainly been through countryside including Wimpole Hall and ended via Selwyn at Great St Mary’s in the centre of Cambridge. A feast was later held at Selwyn to celebrate the event.  The then Master of Selwyn, Sir David Harrison, reported on the special arrival in his Master’s Letter in the Calendar of 1999-2000.

A video of the walk can be seen via the CMS site: 


February 2016 - Selwyn College Boat Club in the Lent Bumps 

To correspond with the 2016 Lent Bumps, in which three Selwyn College crews (M1, W1, and M2) are competing, we are featuring the crew of the 1901 Selwyn First Men's boat. They were awarded 'oars' as the fitrst College crew ever to reach the First Division of Cambridge Lent Bumps.

The College Calendar records:

 January 2016 - Women at Selwyn from the 1940s 


Archive Image December 2015

Merry Christmas - Image taken from 'Selwyn Stutters - December 1976'

Archive Image November 2015

Lyttelton Links

Archive Image October 2015

The Dedication of the Chapel - 1895  

Archive Image September 2015

The New College Arms - 1965

Archive Image August 2015

“Selwyn as I first knew it” –  Owen Chadwick 

To view the image in maximum resolution, click below, and then click the download icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Archive Image July 2015

Selwyn Porters in the 1920s


Archive Image June 2015

College May Ball

Archive May 2015

Sleeping out

Archive Image March 2015

Mock Trial

Archive Image February 2015

HB Cott, Zoologist and World War 2 Camofleur

Archive Image January 2015

WS Riddelsdell, the first Missionary student at Selwyn

Archive Image December 2014

Unknown Soldier 

October 2014

Bust of George Augustus Selwyn


Archive Image September 2014

Army Nurses

 April 2015

August 2014

Declaration of War 1914

Archive Image August 2014


July 2014

Hall Panelling 1914



June 2014

Boat Club 1914



May 2014

Cricket team 1914 





April 2014

Football team 1914  


Archive image April 2014



 March 2014

The Controversialists - Tercentenary meeting914


March 2014


February 2014

Lent Boat 1914

Lent Boat 1914 Archive Image Feb 2014


January 2014

Bishop Selwyn's field journal 1843 - 1844 

Archive January 2014




December 2013

“Geoff at Selwyn, December 1948” 

November 2013

Bell Ringers 

Archive Image November 2013


October 2013

Matriculation 1913

October Archive Image



Design for proposed clock for Hall turret, September 1928

Hall turrent clock (medium)


August 2013

Sketch of Keate’s Lane, Eton, Selwyn Letters

July Archive Image



July 2013

Hartley Diary 1893

July 2013



June 2013

Jubilee 1933

Archive June 2013


May 2013

Carte de Visite 1913


April 2013

East Window

Archive Image April 2013


March 2013

Selwyn Relays Trophy

March Image - Trophy

February 2013

Studio portrait of JR Selwyn and his children 

February 2013 Archive Image of the Month


January 2013

Stall canopies

January 2013 Archive Image

December 2012




 'The Naughty Nineties', Rag day November 1948

Archive Image of the Month October 2012



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