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We like to share what our alumni go on to achieve once they leave Selwyn College, and we are proud to be able to provide a glimpse into the many books that have recently been published. If you would like to submit your own publication, or let us know of your own successes, please contact the Development & Alumni Office on 01223 335843 or email

Deep Sahara   Leslie Croxford (SE 1963)

Deep Sahara

A haunting novel that "invites comparison with E.M.Forster and Lawrence Durrell" - The New Yorker.

Deep Sahara is a suspenseful exploration of one man's emotional resurgence, rendered sparingly and with great physical and psychological precision.

Leslie Croxford has written one prvious novel, Solomon's Folly.

November 2017
Momentum Books

Skulls and Keys  

David Alan Richards (SE 1967)

Skulls and Keys: The Hidden Histories Behind Yale's Secret Societies
There is a progressive side to Yale's secret societies that we rarely hear about, one that, in the cultural tumult of the 1960s, resulted in the election of people of colour, women, and gay men, even in proportions beyond their percentages in the class. It's a side that is often overlooked in favour of sensational legends of blood oaths and toe-curling conspiracies.

October 2017

 Music and belonging  

Naomi Waltham-Smith (SE 2000)

Music & Belonging between Revolution & Restoration

Naomi's first book has just been published. She argues that music, at the level of style and form, produces certain modes of listening that in turn reveal the conditions of belonging. Specifically, listening shows the intimacy between two senses of belonging: belonging to a community is predicated on the possession of a particular property or capacity.

17 August 2017

Insights into Uganda  

Kevin O’Connor (SE 1971)
Insights into Uganda
193 articles written for Uganda’s leading independent newspaper, The Sunday Monitor. Draws on 23 years Kevin has lived in Uganda.
“Combining seriousness and humour, the text is available to a wide readership. The book has a unique character which stands apart from existing literature on Uganda. It should be accessible to government, policy-makers, and activists campaigning for social change /transformation.”
Bernard Atuhaire (editor).

June 2017
Fountain Publishers
Available at Amazon

See inside World Religions  

Alex Frith (SE 1997)

See Inside World Religions

Written by Alex Frith, with the help of expert Revd Canon Dr James Walters. An insightful look at the beliefs, history and customs of the major world religions for children aged 7+. A fantastic introduction to world religions, differing ideas about God, worship and prayer and colourful festivals and celebrations. Includes Quicklinks to websites with video clips that bring each religion to life.

June 2017
Usborne Publishing Ltd

A Life with Operations Research  

Anthony Lines (SE 1949)

A Life with Operations Research

Anthony Lines retired after 40 years in industry and his written his autobiography. Operations Research (OR) is a branch of applied mathematics which helps make better decisions. Anthony and his colleagues helped transform the efficiency and effectivenesss of global businesses and public services and showed managemnet how better to manage uncertainty and complexity.

June 2017

The Power of People


Jonathan Ferrar (SE 1986)

The Power of People

Learn How Successful Organizations Use Workforce Analytics To Improve Business Performance

Transforming the immense potentail of workforce analytics into  reality isn't easy. Pioneering practitioners have learned crucial lessons that can help you succeed. This book shares their journeys - and their indispensable insights.
Co-authored by Nigel Guenole, Jonathan Ferrar (SE 1986) and Sheri Feinzig.

May 2017
Pearson Education, Inc.sco Press

Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era  

Alison Davis (SE 1981)

Corporate Innovation
in the Fifth Era

Lessons from Alphabet/Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft

Silicon Valley insiders Matthew C. Le Merle and Alison Davis share the lessons they have learned from two deecades of interaction with these and other leading companies, and describe this new approach so that every company can be ready as we enter the Fifth Era.
Co-authored by Matthew C. Le Merle
and Alison Davis (SE 1981).

May 2017
Cartwright Press

Bees of Norfolk  

Nick Owens (SE 1966)

The Bees of Norfolk


This book is the first to cover all of Norfolk’s 197 bee species, including bumblebees, honeybees and solitary bees. Each species has its own page with images and distribution maps with notes on flight period, habitat, flowers visited, nesting and parasites. It includes up-to-date information on bees which have been lost and new bees coming in to the county.

May 2017
Pisces Publications

Neuropolis Brain Science  

Robert Newman (1982)

Neuropolis: A Brain Science Survival Guide

Based on Rob Newman’s live stand-up show and new BBC Radio 4 series, his thought-provoking new book explores the scientific breakthroughs that have turned received ideas of brain science upside down.

April 2017
William Collins

100 Things to know about Space  

Alex Frith (SE 1997)

100 Things To Know About Space


This beautifully illustrated book tells you the most strange and interesting facts... loads of things a budding scientist might want to know. --Phoenix Magazine

April 2017 
Usborne Publishing Ltd


 A Piece of the World  

Christina Baker-Kline (SE 1986)

A Piece of the World

“Another winner from the author of Orphan Train. In this beautifully observed fictional memoir, Kline uses Andrew Wyeths’ iconic painting Christina’s World as the taking-off point for a moving portrait of the artist’s real-life muse. Book of the week.” — People

March 2017
The Borough Press


 101 Brilliant Things for Kids to do with Science  

Dawn Isaac (SE 1991)

101 Brilliant Things for Kids to do with Science

Each of the three sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, is given a chance to shine in this compendium of activities. Alongside actual experiments, there are also projects to carry out, which will get children excited about science and the possibilities it offers. Armadillo Magazine

March 2017
Kyle Books

 The Beauty and The Horror  

Richard Harries (SE 1958)

The Beauty and the Horror
Searching for God in a Suffering World

Life is at once wonderful and appalling, beautiful and horrific. Can we really believe that there is a wise and loving creator behind it? Drawing on a wide range of modern literature Richard Harries both faces the toughest questions and offers a robust defence of central Christian beliefs.

October 2016

Cape Town Stories  

Gordon  Gaddes (SE 1957)

Cape Town Stories
Apartheid - its effects and its ending

Each story is sparked by an experience and the main themes are apartheid, its genesis, its effects and its ending. In the face of popular, pessimistic perceptions about the future of South Africa, Gordon Gaddes describes rainbow signs of progress in the struggle to improve the lot of the poorest South Africans and praises the resilience of the people he has met.

May 2016
The Choir Press




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